L'Île Mystérieuse 2021                                                                                                                                        Montmartre 2011


Galerie Montmartre

6 avril-4 mai 2011

With her first solo show in April 2011 in the prestigious Galerie Montmartre in Paris, France,  Corine Perier unfolds her fantasy "phylum" of oils on wood panels, deftly layering diluted oils and glosses.


Her delicately surreal depictions of nature's dreamlike mutations speaks of compassion, longing, and acceptance. Her creatures at once have souls : the reveal is in their eyes.

She is quick to admit that her images are not portraits, but rather her own vision of life in a disturbed world.


It is inevitable, then, that her paintings spark discussion of both creation and extinction. The two are divinely intertwined in the adaptability of all life-forms in such a volatile, modern world.


Her images are teeming with a spirit, longing, and an inherent wisdom. They could be some ancient progeny of nature that sadly couldn't survive. Or they could be some vision of what might be in a next future.

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