L'Île Mystérieuse 2021                                                                                                                                        Montmartre 2011


Afnakafna Gallery

11-24 Nov 2021

Corine Perier's new body of work will debut November 11, 2021 in AfnaKafna Gallery, Rome, Italy. 


Corine is known for her paintings of hybrid fauna and their relationship to humankind. Inspired by modern conservation, she carefully examines wildlife as it once was and will : hybrid forms of animals and plants. The enigma of this environment is memorialized in the body of work for love of the natural world and the beauty of its creatures.


L'Ile Mystérieuse (Mysterious Island) is a new excursion through her imaginary world where she has created her own lands and creatures.

Placing her characters in intriguing scenarios, her new oil paintings are ripe with images of a kind of paradise, her own strange and surrealistic mysterious island, in which animal forms merge and cohabite and where bright and lush colors are used to convey a beautiful energy.