Dans une veine surréaliste, Corine Perier interroge le monde animal tel qu'on le connait aujourd'hui. Oiseaux, félins, c'est toute une faune qui se croise et rencontre l'homme, au mépris de l'Histoire Naturelle, mais avec le plus grand naturel.

A travers ses portraits d'animaux, entre chimères et réalité, elle nous emmène explorer son paradis imaginaire et coloré, tout en abordant le problème contemporain de la disparition des espèces sur une planète en mutation.


Corine Perier was born in Paris in 1964 and is known for her fantastic animal paintings.

 Graduated in Fine Arts and History of Art, she first initiated painting restoration to understand all the secrets of paintings. Then, rich in experience, she decided to devote herself entirely to her own paintings.


Through the aesthetic dimension of her animals portraits, she deals with the contemporary problem of disappearance of species on a planet in flux, telling a long story of wildlife and human crossing, regardless of the laws of Natural History.

Stylistically inspired by Old Masters, she paints in oil, on panel or linen, with thin and glossy layers to get luminous colors and  a very smooth result, reminiscence of the Renaissance period while being firmly in Contemporary Art.


She had her first solo show in France with Galerie Montmartre in Paris in 2011 and she regularly exhibits her artwork through many galleries in Europa, Australia, and USA.

After 40 years living in Paris, she and her husband Marc, a photographer, have recently moved to Montpellier, Southern France. 



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