Corine Perier is a French artist, known for her fantastic animal paintings :  wildlife and human crossing, regardless of the laws of Natural History.


 She had her first solo show in France with Galerie Montmartre in Paris in 2011 and she regularly exhibits her artwork through many galleries in Europa, Australia and USA.


In a critical and poetic way, Corine displays her favorite animals in desolated landscapes as well as in a more urban context in relation to street art. Focusing on the place of animals in the environment, she deals with the reality of a world in mutation : ecology and reality, global warming,  animal cause, and consumer society.


Stylistically inspired by Old Masters, she paints in oil, on panel or linen, with thin and glossy layers to get luminous colors and  a very smooth result,reminiscence of the Renaissance period while being firmly in Contemporary Art. 


 She lives and works in Paris, where you are very welcome to meet in her studio in 15th arrondissement.